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Publications by Saira Mohamed


Deviance, Aspiration, and the Stories We Tell: Reconciling Mass Atrocity and the Criminal Law, 124 Yale L. J. 1628 (2015) (winner of the 2014 Junior Scholars Paper Competition Award from the Association of American Law Schools Criminal Justice Section) - PDF Version (816 Kb)

Leadership Crimes, 105 Calif. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2017)

Of Monsters and Men: Perpetrator Trauma and Mass Atrocity, 115 Colum. L. Rev. 1157 (2015) - PDF Version (690 Kb)

Shame in the Security Council, 90 Wash. U. L. Rev. 1191 (2013) - PDF Version (3.95 Mb)

Restructuring the Debate on Unauthorized Humanitarian Intervention, 88 N.C. L. Rev. 1275 (2010) - PDF Version (434 Kb)

A Neglected Option: The Contributions of State Responsibility for Genocide to Transitional Justice, 80 U. Colo. L. Rev. 327 (2009) - PDF Version (411 Kb)


Walking Away: Lessons from Omelas, in Fatal Fictions: Crime and Investigation in Law and Literature (Alison L. LaCroix, Richard H. McAdams, & Martha C. Nussbaum eds.) (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2017) (with Melissa Murray)

Atrocity Prevention in the Responsibility to Protect, in War, Occupation, and Refugees (Tom Syring & Richard Falk eds.) (Routledge, forthcoming 2016)

Omission, Acts, and the Security Council's (In)Actions in Syria, 31 B.U. Int'l L. J. 413 (2013) - PDF Version (166 Kb)

Taking Stock of Responsibility to Protect, 48 Stan. J. Int'l L. 63 (2012) - PDF Version (173 Kb)


The Death Penalty in the United States and the Force of Regional Human Rights Law, Verdict (May 14, 2014) - PDF Version (207 Kb)

What Does Opposition to War in Syria Tell Us About the State of International Law?, Verdict (Sept. 16, 2013) - PDF Version (76 Kb)

Syria, the United Nations, and the Responsibility to Protect, 106 Am. Soc. Int'l L. Proc. 223 (2012) - PDF Version (321 Kb)

The U.N. Security Council and the Crisis in Syria, Am. Soc. Int'l L. Insights (2012) - PDF Version (65 Kb)

"Fact Finding Without Facts": A Conversation with Nancy Combs, Remarks by Saira Mohamed, 105 Am. Soc. Int'l L. Proc. 321 (2011) - PDF Version (115 Kb)

Introductory Note, U.N. Security Council Resolution 1975, 50 Int'l Legal Materials 503 (2011) - PDF Version (518 Kb)

Palestine's Bid, IntLawGrrls (2011) - PDF Version (30 Kb)

The ICC Appeals Chamber Decision in the Warrant of Arrest in Prosecutor v. Bashir, Am. Soc. Int'l L. Insights (2010) - PDF Version (61 Kb)

Instrumentalizing International Justice: Don't Halt the Bashir Case, Jurist (2009) - PDF Version (83 Kb)

Introductory Note, Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Cal v. Att'y Gen. (Belize 2007), 46 Int'l Legal Materials 1008 (2007) - PDF Version (547 Kb)

Introductory Note, El-Masri v. United States, 479 F.3d 296 (4th Cir. 2007), 46 Int'l Legal Materials 626 (2007) - PDF Version (397 Kb)

Note: From Keeping Peace to Building Peace: A Proposal for a Revitalized United Nations Trusteeship Council, 105 Colum. L. Rev. 809 (2005) - PDF Version (772 Kb)