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Course listing for Christopher Edley, Jr.

Christopher Edley, Jr. is teaching the following course in Spring 2018:

223.6 sec. 001 - Principles of Administrative Law for LLMs

Courses During Other Semesters

SemesterCourse NumCourse Title
Fall 2018 221.6 sec. 001Education Law & Policy 
 221.6A sec. 001Education Law and Policy Practicum Clinic 
Fall 2017 221.6 sec. 1Education and the Law 
Spring 2017 223 sec. 1Administrative Law 
 226.7 sec. 1Policy Change and the Role of Lawyers 
Fall 2016 223.6 sec. 1Principles of Administrative Law for LLMs 
Spring 2016 220A.1 sec. 1Education Policy and Law Seminar 
 223.4 sec. 1Principles of Administrative Law 
Fall 2015 223 sec. 1Administrative Law 
Spring 2015 220A.1 sec. 1Education Law, Policy and Reform: Seminar on Regulatory and Statutory Design 
Fall 2014 223 sec. 2Administrative Law 
Fall 2009 221.5T sec. 1Topics in Education Law & Policy 
Spring 2008 220B.1 sec. 1Education: Policy, Law and the 4th Estate 
Fall 2007 220A.1 sec. 1Education: Policy, Law, and the Fourth Estate