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223.8 sec. 1 - California Constitutional Law (Fall 2014)

Instructor: David A. Carrillo  (view instructor's profile)
Instructor: Michael Gowe  
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Units: 3
Meeting Time: M 6:25-9:05
Meeting Location: 111

Course Start: August 25, 2014
Class Number (formerly Course Control Number) (Non-1Ls): 49592

This course will cover three broad categories related to the California constitution: general state constitutional law issues, the relationship between the state and federal constitutions, and selected topics on the California constitution. The major subjects covered are: the role of a state constitution within the federal system, theories of interpretation, amendment and revision, separation of powers, and individual rights such as speech, religion, privacy, equal protection, and same-sex marriage. Course materials will include readings from "State Constitutional Law Cases and Materials" by Robert F. Williams (4th Ed. 2006) and a reader with selected cases and articles. The format will be part lecture and part discussion, paper required. Paper may satisfy writing requirement.

Any student who is likely to practice in California should consider taking this course. The state constitution has significant crossover provisions with both the federal constitution and the statutory law of the state, to such an extent that working knowledge of the state constitution's provisions is necessary for practicing in most fields, from local government to federal civil rights actions. Because the state charter contains so much constitutional legislation, and because it is so frequently changed, attorneys in California can hardly serve their clients well without an understanding of the state constitution.

Reading materials will be supplied. There is no textbook purchase for this course.

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This course may satisfy the Writing Requirement.

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Course Category: Public Law and Policy

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