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261.8 sec. 1 - Chinese Law and Legal Institutions (Fall 2013)

Instructor: Rachel Stern  (view instructor's teaching evaluations | profile)
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Meeting Time: Th 10:00-12:40
Meeting Location: 111

Course Start: August 22, 2013
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Over the past thirty years, China has embarked on a historic project of legal construction. This course provides an overview of how the law works in China today--an overview of processes and institutions--as well as the strategies and obstacles that come into play when people try to use the law. Topics to be covered include: the emergence of the private bar, judicial decision-making, environmental law, the role of the media, mediation, intellectual property, public interest law, and access to justice. Attention will be paid to both the elite politics behind legal reforms as well as grassroots encounters with “everyday law” that illustrate how complaints are resolved both inside and outside the legal system.

As China's engagement with the outside world increases, legal issues concerning China are increasingly common in a variety of U.S. and international workplaces. This course will be of interest to students seeking an introduction to Chinese law or looking to better understand the impact that Chinese legal institutions may have on matters of international and U.S. domestic concern.

The professor for this course previously worked in China on legal development and environmental matters for nearly seven years, and has been engaged with China since the early 1990s.

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Course Category: International and Comparative Law
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Jurisprudence and Social Policy (JSP)
Law and Society
Public Law and Policy
Social Justice and Public Interest

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