Schedule of Classes NOTE: Course offerings change. Classes offered this semester may not be offered in future semesters.

Courses offered for Fall 2018 in Field Placements:

221.61 - Structural Change in Public Education Seminar
221.62 - Structural Change in Public Education Simulation Course
289A - Judicial Externship Seminar
295 - Civil Field Placement Ethics Seminar
295.6A - Civil Field Placement
295.6B - Criminal Field Placement
295.6C - Environmental Field Placement
295.6K - Structural Change in Public Education Away Field Placement
295.6S - #Metoo:Women & Work Law & Policy Field Placement
295.6V - Economic Liberty & Property Rights Field Placement
295.7A - Away Field Placement
295.7J - Berkeley Law in The Hague
295.8A - Judicial Externship:Away
295.8B - Judicial Externships: Bay Area
295.9A - UCDC: Law Field Placement
295B - Field Placement Workshop
295C - Criminal Law Ethics Seminar
295D - UCDC: Law and Lawyering in the Nation's Capital

Courses that are listed with subcategory Field Placements for Fall 2018
226.8 sec. 001 - Economic Liberty & Property Rights

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