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  1. Storrow, Richard F. “Rescuing Children from the Marriage Movement: The Case Against Marital Status Discrimination in Adoption and Assisted Reproduction.” U.C. Davis Law Review 39, no. 2 (February 2006): 304–70.
  2. National Women's Law Center: Expanding the Possibilities. “If You Really Care about LGBT Rights, You Should Care About Reproductive Justice!,” October 2011.
  3. SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective. “Reproductive Justice Briefing Book: A Primer on Reproductive Justice and Social Change,” 2007.
  4. Boggis, Terry. “Affording Our Families: Class Issues in Family Formation,” 2004.
  5. Sisson, Gretchen. “‘I Want In': Bringing Adoption into Reproductive Justice.” Spectrum, April 2014.
  6. Mutcherson, Kimberly M. “Disabling Dreams of Parenthood: The Fertility Industry, Anti-Discrimination and Parents with Disabilities.” Law and Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice, Forthcoming 27, no. 311 (September 10, 2009): 311–64.

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