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Grossman, Daniel, Kate Grindlay, and Bridgit Burns. “Public Funding for Abortion Where Broadly Legal.” Contraception, 2016.


This article compares abortion funding in the U.S. with abortion funding in other countries with liberal or liberalized abortion laws. The article concludes that nearly half of countries with liberal or liberally interpreted abortion laws had public funding for abortion, including most countries that liberalized their abortion law in the past 20 years. Among the world's female population aged 15–49 residing in countries with liberal or liberally interpreted abortion laws, 46% lived in countries with full funding for abortion (34 countries), 41% lived in countries with partial funding (25 countries), and 13% lived in countries with no funding or funding for exceptional cases only (21 countries). The report concludes the U.S. is an outlier among developed countries.


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