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Khan, Surina. “Climate of Opportunity - Gender and Movement Building at the Intersection of Reproductive Justice and Environmental Justice.” The Women’s Foundation of California, November 2009.


The report highlights the intersections of reproductive justice and environmental justice and tells the story of a relationship between two seemingly different movements. Khan states that the “connections between environmental and reproductive health create opportunities for organizations to collaborate with, learn from and strategize with one another.” The Environmental Justice/Reproductive Justice Collaborative crafted a new framework that embodied elements of both movements, as well as common ground between them. The second half of the report presents challenges both the EJ/RJ movements share, successes the Collaborative has achieved, and ways to strengthen the intersectional work. One of the key components of the report is the presentation of “key learnings” and “recommendations.” This report gives an overview of the relationship between the environmental and reproductive justice movements and how creating a cross-alliance would strengthen both movements. The report may be especially beneficial for funders, policymakers, organizations, and other individuals who work at the intersection of environmental and reproductive justice with a focus on movement building.


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