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Guttmacher Institute. “State Funding of Abortion Under Medicaid.” State Laws and Policies. Guttmacher Institute, July 1, 2016.


The Hyde Amendment prohibits the use of federal Medicaid funds for abortion except in cases of life endangerment, rape, or incest. While 33 states mirror the federal funding ban in their state Medicaid programs, others have chosen to allow their state Medicaid funds to cover more abortions. For example, some go beyond the minimum by providing funds in cases where pregnant people are faced with potential long-term health risks or in cases of fetal impairment. Additionally, 17 states direct Medicaid to pay for most or all medically necessary abortions using state funds. One state, however, is in apparent violation of the Hyde Amendment because it provides funding for abortion only in cases of life endangerment, not rape, or incest. This fact sheet is useful for those who are trying to understand how the Hyde Amendment impacts abortion funding in the states.

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