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Jordan-Young, Rebecca, Lucy Trainor, and Janet Jakobsen. “Reproductive Justice in Action.” Barnard Center for Research on Women, 2010.


Reproductive Justice in Action, the product of Groundwell’s Catalyst Fund, The New York Women’s Foundation, and the Barnard Center for Research on Women, analyzes 17 grantee partners doing reproductive justice work in New York. Through a reproductive justice framework, the report explores “the ways in which organizations led by women of color are elaborating reproductive justice in connection with economic justice.” The authors argue that the working from the intersections of multiple issues creates more holistic well-being for women. The report focuses on how each of the New York grantees approach reproductive justice, whether it resonates with their mission statements and activities, or whether there are critiques and expansions to traditional notions of reproductive justice. The authors argue that the goal of each organization is “holism,” “a commitment to not compartmentalize women’s experiences.” Thus, they argue for what they call “comprehensive justice,” which entails recognition that reproductive and economic justice are intertwined. This report is useful for anyone new to reproductive justice and/or individuals interested in advocacy work. It gives many comprehensive definitions of reproductive justice and both expands and critiques traditional notions of reproductive justice from the perspective of grass-root organizations. The report also briefly delves into the various issues that fall under the reproductive justice umbrella including sterilization abuse, rights of incarcerated women, immigrant women, reproductive technologies, and gender and sexuality. Thus, it gives a comprehensive understanding of reproductive justice as a framework and in “action.”  


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