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Bowman, Moira. “Winning Reproductive Justice: Contributions To Policy Change From The Reproductive Justice Movement.” The Momentum Series. ACRJ, 2008.


This report encourages communities to use their experiences, stories, and political power to continue to raise awareness about issues affecting reproductive justice. Bowman emphasizes that reproductive justice affects everyone, including those who are LGBTQ, nail salon workers, pregnant women who struggle with addiction or incarceration, and survivors of human trafficking. She then shifts from discussing personal stories and legislative proposals to creating action. Bowman implores readers to work to defeat proposed legislation, initiatives, and measures that further the disenfranchisement, vulnerability, and invisibility in low-income communities where many people of color live. This report is written to bring awareness to communities about the importance of carrying out their civic duties and becoming more involved in the political process. The author hopes that report will help people promote policy change that will support and maintain the health and wellbeing for those in the communities who have been neglected in the policy-making process. This report offers a broad and contextualized understanding of the impact of legislation and elections on communities under-represented in the political process, where laws are determined mostly by white men with power. It provides stories of the struggles faced by homeless LGBTQ people seeking emergency shelter and pregnant, drug-using women who are incarcerated. The legislation highlighted in the report is somewhat out of date (2006), but the reach of reproductive justice, it demonstrates, is timeless.


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