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Dougherty, Ariel. “A Learning Curve: From Human Rights to Reproductive Justice, and a Glimmer of Universal Justice.” Fem2pt0, 2013.


The heart of Dougherty’s blog is a deeper understanding of how reproductive justice (as a term and as a movement) evolved through the contributions of women of color and their interaction with the international women’s community at the Cairo Conference on Population and Development in 1994. As other scholars have documented, it was at this time that reproductive health was integrated into a social justice framework to reflect the combined experiences of women of color in the U.S. with human rights activists throughout the globe to create a more holistic and encompassing framework. She chronologically reviews how reproductive rights evolved into justice through an interaction with the international community. Dougherty, the Director of the Women’s Media Center at the time of this writing, uses the history of the reproductive justice movement to highlight how interaction with the international community can propel the growth of gender justice media.


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