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Mingus, Mia. “On Claiming My Movement: Disability and Reproductive Justice.” Leaving Evidence (blog), December 2009.


Mingus writes about how society has limited reproductive rights for women of color with disabilities. Referring to her personal experience, Mingus uses this blog to educate women by giving them insight on why they should not allow their bodies to be controlled by other people, the state, or any other entity.  In particular, she shares how she had to wear a leg brace, because the medical establishment wanted to normalize how she looked and moved in society. By using various braces and having multiple surgeries she argues that she has allowed for others to have ownership over her body Mingus asserts that the only person who should make medical- and health- related decisions for a woman is herself. Mingus hopes that women will claim the reproductive justice movement by advocating for themselves and their concerns, on a mental, emotional, and physical level.  


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