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Arons, Jessica, and Medina Agénor. “Separate and Unequal: The Hyde Amendment and Women of Color.” Center for American Progress, December 2010.


This article provides a crucial racial justice lens for understanding the impact of the Hyde Amendment. The authors summarize the effect of the Hyde Amendment on federal and state programs, and explain how poor women of color are the most negatively impacted by abortion funding restrictions. The report provides a useful explanation of a theory called the "paradox of abortion funding." This theory refers to the cycle in which those who most need abortion services because of differential access to reproductive health care are the least likely to have an abortion covered by their government-funded insurance. Arons and Agénor contextualize the current social and reproductive disparities facing women of color by describing the legacy of reproductive discrimination against women of color. While the report does not go into great detail about the individual impacts of abortion funding restrictions, it is an important resource for understanding the Hyde Amendment within the larger context of racially motivated reproductive coercion.


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