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National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. “Latina Immigrants and Abortion,” July 2005.


This fact sheet by the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health provides an overview of Latina immigrants' experiences with abortion. The fact sheet cites data showing that Latinas are disproportionately represented among abortion recipients. The fact sheet additionally identifies common obstacles Latinas face in accessing abortion care, including limited financial resources and a lack of insurance coverage due to Medicaid funding restrictions. The fact sheet also cites a study indicating that some immigrant Latinas have been denied coverage because Medicaid personnel mistakenly believe that immigration status disqualifies them from insurance coverage. Additionally, the fact sheet discusses that Latina immigrant teens have higher birth rates and lower abortion rates than non-Latina teens and non-immigrant teens. Finally, the fact sheet notes that barriers to obtaining a medical abortion combined with other individual and cultural preferences lead many immigrant Latinas to self-induce abortion using off-label medications, exposing themselves to the threat of criminal liability. In sum, The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health provides a thorough overview of the barriers Latinas face in accessing abortion care, particularly as it relates to the Hyde Amendment’s restrictions on public funding for abortions.


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