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Sisson, Gretchen. “‘I Want in’: Bringing Adoption into Reproductive Justice.” Spectrum (blog), April 2014.


In Sisson’s blog she discusses how over the past few years, Backline has prioritized bringing adoption into conversation with other familial and reproductive concerns and so should the reproductive justice (RJ) movement. She also states that it important to continue discussing adoption within the reproductive justice movement because anti-abortion advocates have not stopped talking about adoption, and we should not as well. Sisson’s argument is that “adoption must be central to the reproductive justice conversation” because it affects overlapping reproductive and familial issues such as unplanned pregnancy, infertility, and family formation. Her argument stems from the disconnect she has witnessed between the RJ movement and the adoption activist community. Sisson shares after attending the American Adoption Congress (AAC) meeting in San Francisco, many speakers of the AAC commented on their exclusion by feminists that focus only on issues related to abortion or the rights of adoptive families. Sisson hopes that her work will ignite conversations and discussions about adoption within the RJ movement and other organizations.  


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