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Causes in Common. “Causes in Common: Reproductive Justice & LGBT Liberation.” The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, 2006.


This statement of principles outlines the legal, political, and policy intersections between LGBTQ liberation and reproductive justice. It explains how the Causes in Common national campaign came to be and what it aims to do.  It also highlights legal decisions regarding privacy that relate to both sexual and reproductive rights, emphasizing that these victories do not eliminate identity-based vulnerability, institutionalized barriers to comprehensive sexuality education and reproductive health services, or attempts to block the formation of alternative families. The authors discuss government-imposed limitations to reproductive services, such as welfare policies tied to biology, overt race and class barriers, insurance policy regulations, and limited special services and competent care for LGBT people.  These barriers, combined with the push to cut public funding and move toward privatization of social services, pose dangerous health threats for the poor, the LGBT community, and other marginalized groups. The statement aims to secure the commitment of LGBT and reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations to a shared liberation movement. The organization makes recommendations for action and calls for coalition building.


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