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Ibis Reproductive Health, and All* Above All. “Research Brief: The Impact of Medicaid Restrictions on Abortion.” Ibis Reproductive Health, n.d.


This research brief provides an overview of the negative effects of the Hyde Amendment on people living in poverty as well as on abortion providers. This report is full of useful data on who relies on Medicaid for health insurance (e.g., women make up 67% of Medicaid enrollees). In addition, it includes anecdotal perspectives from abortion providers and people who qualify for Medicaid but had to seek abortion services without insurance coverage. These perspectives highlight the economic devastation that results from the restrictions and also details the frustrations of abortion providers who are often denied reimbursement even when an abortion qualifies under one of the narrow exceptions (in cases of rape, incest, or if the woman's life is in danger). This research brief provides a summary of a full-length Ipas and Ibis Reproductive Health report titled “U.S. funding for abortion: How the Helms and Hyde Amendments harm women and providers.”

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