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Trawick, Shane. “Birth Control Sabotage as Domestic Violence: A Legal Response,” 2012.


In this article, Shane Trawick addresses possible legal responses to birth control sabotage as a domestic violence tactic. He notes that this phenomenon, including acts by abusers such as destroying birth control pills, or poking holes in condoms, has only recently been studied and truly understood, and because of this, that the legal system does not currently adequately address it. As a solution, Trawick argues for both increased use of tort claims and for the criminalization of birth control sabotage as a separate crime. He both examines possible claims in detail, and examines a Canada court case as a comparative example of how these issues may be dealt with in the U.S. legal system. This article provides a straightforward description of the problem of birth control sabotage, backed up with empirical data. He also provides a clear analysis of possible legal structures to address the problem, though he only deals with possible counterarguments, such as the problems with further involving a problematic criminal justice system, very briefly. The article is useful for those interested in domestic violence and reproductive issues.  


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