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National Black Women’s Health Imperative. “New Contraceptive Technology: Potential for Abuse The Impact of Punitive Policies Directed Against Women of Color,” n.d.


The National Black Women’s Health Project (today known as the Black Women’s Health Imperative) shares that one of the primary responsibilities of their D.C. office is to monitor and advocate for legislative policies and funding that benefit African American women and women of color. Using a historical perspective the organization argues in this report that Norplant is a punitive, coercive, and racially motivated contraceptive often used among those who are poor women and African American. The organization specifically concentrates their arguments from judicial rulings in which two African American woman in Jacksonville, Florida are either forced to use Norplant (as a birth control) for child abuse or are offered a lighter criminal sentence if they agree to use Norplant.  As a result of these judicial actions and individual experiences, the Black Women’s Health Imperative offer a list of proposed action and talking points to those who are interested in ending the racially motivated decisions affecting women of color.


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