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National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, and Courtney Chappell. “Reclaiming Choice, Broadening the Movement: Sexual and Reproductive Justice and Asian Pacific American Women, A National Agenda for Action.” Agenda. National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, 2009.


This report shares the experiences of Asian Pacific American (APA) women and girls related to reproductive justice. Section One provides demographic data on the APA population, including geographical distribution, income brackets, wage disparities, and levels of political and civic involvement. This section, which cites a wide arrange of polls and data, reveals the diversity within the APA community and highlights the problems with generalizing APA women through studies that overlook such distinctions. Section Two covers the studies that reveal dangerous disparities and trends among APA women. Some of these statistics include lower rates of prenatal care, access to contraception, and mental health. Section Three describes some of the barriers, including the “model minority” stereotype that may hinder the access that APA women have to reproductive health care services. In response to the lack of research and misperceptions about the APA community, Section 4 suggests eight actions to be taken. This agenda stresses the lack of attention directed toward APA women and girls and emphasizes the need to examine ethnic disparities within the reproductive justice discourse. This comprehensive agenda cites many statistics and studies regarding the APA population, which may be useful to those who need quantitative data.


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