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Mingus, Mia. “Disabled Women and Reproductive Justice.” The Pro-Choice Public Education Project (blog), n.d.


Mingus discusses how disabled women's right to parent is related to sexuality, access to services, sexual violence, and eugenics/population control. She describes how historically Women With Disabilities (WWD) have been seen as unfit mothers and often discouraged from birthing or adopting children. She asserts that society typically labels WWD as asexual and treats them differently when it comes to sex and reproductive health education and services. Mingus mentions that WWD have limited accessibility to healthcare services and information due to the lack of ramps, braille and sign language interpreters. Her goal is to provide an understanding that we should not try to “cure the world of disabilities” but rather to work as a community to provide disabled women both accessible opportunities and resources that support their human rights and reproductive justice.  


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