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National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. “The Hyde Amendment & Asian American & Pacific Islander Women.” National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, June 2015.


  This one-page fact sheet details how Hyde Amendment restrictions uniquely impact Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Because 12% of AAPI women are eligible for Medicaid, the Hyde Amendment’s limitation on Medicaid funding ensures that a large portion of the AAPI community is subject to abortion funding bans, and must therefore bear the costs of abortion without the benefit of insurance. AAPI women, who experience the largest gender wage gap of any ethnic group, are then left to either pay for the procedure out of pocket, or carry the pregnancy to term. Lastly, this fact sheet demonstrates how AAPI communities are impacted by the funding bans in specific state, since AAPI populations are increasingly living in states with tight restrictions on use of state Medicaid funds for abortion.

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