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Roberts, Dorothy, and Sujatha Jesudason. “Movement Intersectionality: The Case of Race, Gender, Disability, and Genetic Technologies.” W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research 10, no. 2 (2013): 313–28.


Roberts and Jesudason argue that an intersectional analysis is most productive for cross movement mobilization regarding genetic technologies, as it allows for the intersection of race, gender, and disability to promote social justice. The authors believe that by using an intersectional analysis, “alliances between reproductive justice, racial justice, women’s rights, and disability rights activists to develop strategies to address reproductive genetic technologies” are forged. In this article the authors demonstrate how an intersectional analysis can minimize the categorization of a person’s singular issues such as being of a low-income status, being African American or Latina, or being disabled and allows freedom from victimizing framing. In 2008, the social justice organization founded by Roberts and Jesudason, Generations Ahead, convened a gathering twenty-one women of color and Indigenous leaders from across the United States to discuss their concerns about the relationships between genetic technologies and different racialized groups.  As a social justice organization that encompasses diverse communities and seeks to expand the public debate on genetic technologies, Generations Ahead also promoted policies that protect human rights and a shared humanity. This approach is what the authors label as solidarity and cohesion because it helps to create “a common ground, authentic alliances, and shared policy priorities.” For those who may not be familiar with mobilization and intersectionality, this article helps to understand their usages and construction, while offering insight on other scholarly work related to reproductive justice and federal legislative policies.


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