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Jesudason, Sujatha Anbuselvi . “In the Hot Tub: The Praxis of Building New Alliances for Reprogenetics.” Signs 34, no. 4 (July 2009): 901–24.


This article presents an overview of risks and benefits of reprogenetics, identifying key concerns from a social justice and feminist perspective. The author argues that movement leaders must prepare to participate in political and legislative discussions on reprogenetics or risk being left out of regulatory decision making. Written by the founder and director of Generations Ahead, this article describes the organization’s origins and experience building a coalition among racial justice, reproductive rights, disability rights, and LGBTQ rights activists to create a collective and proactive agenda. Generations Ahead identifies four obstacles to outreach and coalition building: lack of bridging among organizations, a need for different frameworks for each movement, a lack of cross-sectional dialogue, and the need for a new organization to sustain and structure the advocacy work. Drawing on her own experience, the author then describes how Generation Ahead addressed and overcame each of these obstacles to build a coalition of eight social movement leaders.  For those studying or engaging in coalition building around reprogenetics or other key reproductive justice issues, this article offers practical guidance written in accessible language. The author describes processes and approaches to outreach and organizing that facilitate open communication among groups that sometimes have conflicting agendas or points of view. The article offers a range of solutions for common barriers to coalition building and gives tips to identify and build common ground.


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