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National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. “Forging New Partnerships: Improving Access to Reproductive Health Care for Latina Immigrants.” National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, n.d.


This article is a report generated from the roundtable, Improving Access to Reproductive Healthcare for Latina Immigrants, which launched the Latina Immigrant Health Project. This article describes the various barriers in which Latina immigrants encounter in their health care, discussions of what is occurring in local communities, offers advocacy and policy recommendations, and outreach strategies.  The report argues that reproductive rights need to be addressed in the immigrant rights movement, and simultaneously the reproductive rights movement needs to address diversity. The NLIRH argues that a human rights perspective needs to be adopted in order to create a united revolutionary movement. The report provides useful statistics about Latina immigrants health care and displays how issues in the immigrant rights and reproductive rights movements intersect through immigrant Latina’s experiences. 


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