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Gutierrez, Elena R. “‘Reproductive Health Status: Of Latinas in Chicago.’ Latina Portrait: Reproductive Health Status.” Mujures Latina Accion. Chicago, Illinois: Mujures Latina Accion, n.d.


Latinos are the largest racial-ethnic group in the United States population, more so through birthrate than through immigration. Due to this occurrence there is growing concern with Latina’s reproductive health care. This article focuses on Latinas reproductive health status, specifically Latinas in the Midwest/Chicago. Latinas experience many health disparities; they have the lowest rates of prenatal care, a disproportionate rate of HIV, AIDS and other STDs, cervical cancer, and breast cancer; with Latina lesbians at even more risk for these diseases.  Latinas face multiple oppressions along with social, cultural, and political barriers to accessing health care. In order to improve Latina’s, their families’, and communities’ health care, there needs to be an improvement in access, services, and delivery. Abortion is an issue that requires attention due to the misconceptions, barriers in accessing abortion, and rising evidence that Latinas are self-aborting.  Drawing from available statistical data as well as qualitative information gathered by Mujeres Latinas en Accion, this article is aimed at policy makers, service providers, and those generally interested in Latinas' health status. 


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