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California Latinas for Reproductive Justice. “Unearthing Latina/o Voices on Family, Pregnancy and Reproductive Justice.” Volume V, 2010.


This report documents a study by California Latinas for Reproductive Justice in collaboration with the Lake Research Partners, who conducted a statewide public opinion survey to 890 participants that shared their responses by via phone or online. The survey assessed the opinions, attitudes and beliefs of the states Latina/o adults concerning reproductive, health rights and justice issues. The survey consisted of 28 questions that addressed five key areas: Values and Priorities; Pregnancy and Young Families; Talking about Sexuality; Pregnancy Termination; and Access to Reproductive and Sexual Health Services. Their findings suggest that family, education and health are core values that shaped the participants responses about pregnancy and pregnancy termination.  The vast majority of participants indicated the importance of providing pregnant and parenting youth with support and educational opportunities. Respondents overwhelmingly supported communication about sexuality amongst families because they indicated adolescent childbearing is primarily caused by a lack of family communication and teaching about sexuality. Additionally, their findings suggest that many respondents were more likely to indicate the cost of services and lack of insurance as barriers to accessing health services.  The report is useful and informative because it provides various graphs with rich data based on the participants values, the appropriate age to discuss sex with their children, the emotions associated with pregnancy and parenting, and lastly asks if there is a sufficient amount of reproductive, healthcare and social services that are affordable and accessible for those who may not have health insurance. This report additionally incorporates some federal resources such as the Affordable Care Act and Community Health Worker model, also known as Promotores.  


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