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SisterSong. “A Reproductive Health Agenda for Women of Color,” n.d.


In one of it's first publications, SisterSong introduces itself as a collective of 16 organizations that focus on women of color’s reproductive health and health-care access, specifically Reproductive Tract Infection (RTIs) awareness. As it describes, the group is comprised of four mini-communities, which represent the four major women of color groups in the United States and Puerto Rico: African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latina, and Native American. Each of the mini-communities is represented by a local and national organization.    This document represents women of color as active agents regarding their reproductive health, as well as active leaders in their communities. The authors show how women of color are lacking sufficient health care and how due to an absence of data, there are insubstantial policies and programs that promote the health of women of color.  Moreover, they discuss how health and human rights are intertwined and can be used as a tool for organizing and creating agendas. A foundational document in the development of SisterSong, this piece also includes a full Spanish translation.


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