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The Opportunity Agenda. “Reproductive Justice: A Communications Overview.” Tides Center, September 2010.


This report has three overarching goals: to survey the reproductive justice movement’s communication goals, to present case studies of the best communication practices, and to conduct a media scan and analysis. It is based on a series of public opinion polls and attitudinal trackers that help highlight the values that underlie American’s opinions on reproductive-related issues. The report offers several recommendations for approaching a reproductive justice messaging framework. In addition to presenting comprehensive public opinion research on a variety of social topics, the report highlights several case-studies that demonstrate good messaging techniques, including the way the National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) changed the way the media and public approach pregnancy and drug addiction. This report is relevant for individuals interested in public opinion polling and media framing as it relates to reproductive justice. The report does focus heavily on other social issues, so individuals solely interested in the reproductive justice portion should read the introduction, and the last sections of the report that focus on RJ case-studies. The recommendations section is particularly useful because it compiles and analyzes the public opinion polls to create a set of directions for improving the way reproductive justice is framed. 


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