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Roberta A., Downing, Thomas A. LaVeist, and Bullock Heather E. . “Intersections of Ethnicity and Social Class in Provider Advice Regarding Reproductive Health.” American Journal of Public Health 97, no. 10 (October 2007): 1803–7.


This piece summarizes a study finding that low-income women of color are discouraged from having children at higher rates than middle-class white women. The study relied on a self-reporting survey in English and Spanish assessing demographic information, access to reproductive healthcare and the topics discussed during visits with doctors. The article also suggests more research that is needed around this area and includes samples of the raw data from the study. This study provides evidence that women of color from low-income backgrounds are being discouraged from having children both through policies, such as welfare family caps, and the conversations doctors are having with these women. This study could provide a valuable resource for reproductive rights advocates focusing on class and race issues in policy advocacy and litigators working on these intersections.    


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