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Cordoba, Rocio de Loudres. “A Brief Note on the Birth of Latinas.” Hastings Women’s Law Journal 3, no. 1 (March 28, 1991): 71–81.


This article is taken from Hastings Women’s Law Journal. It presents the dialogue that occurred at the Latinas in Crisis: A Struggle for Rights in the Face of Oppression Forum at Hastings College of Law, held March 28, 1991 in San Francisco, California.  This gathering was held in order to discuss issues that Latinas living in the United States face. This article is informative because it aims to raise awareness to the issues faced by marginalized women of color and Latinas, such as reproductive freedom and freedom from physical and sexual abuse. Cordoba argues that Latinas are finally breaking their silence on the issues they face; ranging from the effects of colonization, white feminists' homogenizing women of color’s experiences, and sexism. She argues that this dialogue must continue in order to promote change.


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