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Western States Center. “Reproductive Justice 101: A Select History,” 2008.


“Reproductive Justice 101” offers a chronological timeline of historic policies, legislation, and court cases pertaining to the reproductive capabilities of women (specifically women of color) and homosexuality. The timeline begins in 1654, highlighting the grave reproductive abuses faced by African American women during slavery. It addresses sterilization practices, immigration laws, birth control, and anti-miscegenation legislation, among other issues. The policies, legislation, and court cases were chosen to be a part of the timeline to strategically demonstrate the ways in which marginalized groups are reproductively oppressed. The timeline is useful for anyone interested in a brief history of reproductive, immigrant, and homosexual oppression throughout U.S. history. It is presented as a PowerPoint so all of the major historic happenings are explained briefly making the report an easy and fast read.


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