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Forward Together, and Western States Center. “We Are Brave: Race, Money, and Abortion Access.” All* Above All, n.d.


  This toolkit offers training modules for activists and organizers to better understand the connections among immigrant rights, civil rights, economic rights, and abortion access. The We Are Brave toolkit is particularly useful for trainers seeking to unify groups of people across issues, identities, communities, and causes. Each module focuses on a different aspect of reproductive justice. The first module focuses on stories of reproductive health access. Its goals are to help participants understand abortion as existing on a spectrum of reproductive health services and to learn about the obstacles people from marginalized communities face in seeking reproductive health services. The trainer’s notes includes the curriculum, tips, hand-outs, and discussion topics. The second module, Equity and Justice: Social Justice and Access to Abortion for Low-Income People, highlights policy and political implications of abortion access for marginalized and low-income communities. The module offers trainers the option of choosing to focus on immigrant rights, civil rights, or economic justice. Regardless of the trainers’ focus, the module is primarily concerned with centering the voices of marginalized communities in a reproductive justice framework. Like the first module, it offers activities, discussion questions, and tips. The final section of the module provides facts and history to connect the struggles of marginalized communities back to abortion access. The training concludes with a handout that encourages participants to continue applying a reproductive justice lens to abortion, have conversations about reproductive justice at all levels of their organizations, and partner with All* Above All in order to lift bans on abortion access for low-income communities.


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