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Arons, Jessica. “More than a Choice: A Progressive Vision for Reproductive Health and Rights.” Center for American Progress, September 2006.


This report proposes a re-visioning of reproductive rights, emphasizing that every woman has the right to make her own reproductive decisions that should be respected regardless of her race, ethnicity, age, ability, sexuality, or income. It recognizes that such decisions about sexuality, family, and reproduction are complex and personal. And, it demands that the government remove regulatory obstacles to free people from undue interference by private individuals and institutions in their reproductive decision making. This report is written by Jessica Arons, Director of the Women’s Health Program at the Center for American Progress. She draws from academic journals, books, projects, policy research, and newspapers. The report is written for advocates and people interested in reproductive health, rights, and justice. It could be used to obtain general information, because it gives definitions and context for words such as: designer babies, legal precedent, and Roe v. Wade.


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