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Pesquera, Beatriz, and Denise Segura. “‘It’s Her Body; It’s Definitely Her Right’: Chicanas/Latinas and Abortion.” In Voces: A Journal of Chicana/Latina Studies, 2:103–27, 1998.


This book chapter draws from qualitative data gathered from two Chicana/Latina groups and their attitudes about abortion. In this chapter authors, Pesquera and Segura present the findings from a 20-page questionnaire used to gather qualitative data on “women and work issues.” Their findings state that out of 152 women, 9 women do not support women’s rights to a legal abortion (Anti-Choice), 74 women supported the right to abortion under “certain conditions” (Conditional Choice) and 66 women supported abortion under any circumstances (Pro-Choice). The authors support their framework by using mid and late 1900s academic research from the University of California, Davis and Santa Barbara, a survey from the National Council of Negro Women, and research from individuals such as David Hayes-Bautista and Aida Hurtado. This article provides educational and theoretical formulations on gender and political consciousness among Chicana/Latina women. In Pesquera and Segura’s work the two groups that are discussed for a majority of their work are Chicanas/Latina women that were Pro-Choice or Conditional Choice. The women who were Pro-Choice were more willing to join a feminist organization and take a feminist-egalitarian standpoint. Meaning, that these women supported equal rights and opportunities for women in the workplace and at home. Women who stated they would make a Conditional Choice shared that abortion was not an option that they would personally consider and that although abortion is morally wrong, a woman should have the right to do what she wants with her body. Additionally, these women reported being conflicted between traditional groups that support patterns constructed by institutions such as the Catholic Church and kin networks.


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