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Ross, Loretta. “Understanding Reproductive Justice: Transforming the Pro-Choice Movement,” November 2006.


This article by Loretta Ross addresses the need to transform the focus of the pro-choice movement because it isolates the issue of abortion “from other social justice issues that concern communities of color” (1). Ross explains that for women of color, the issue of “choice” is not as relevant as it is for white women. Instead, Ross believes reproductive oppression that should be eliminated through reproductive health to provide services, reproductive rights to deal with legal issues, and reproductive ustice to build the movement. Ross points out that there is also a division between those who support abortion because they support population control and those who support autonomy. Ross argues that the current movement should distance itself with supporters of population control, which is an injustice. Ross points out the ways in which technology is changing the movement, allowing the SisterSong organization to expand to more communities. She concludes by mentioning the then upcoming 2007 conference, “Let’s Talk about Sex,” that will highlight that choosing to have sex – or not to have sex – is a human right. This article is useful to understanding the goals of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective whose mission is to create a more inclusive reproductive justice movement that is linked with human rights and the fight against “interlocking systems of oppression” (6).

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