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California Latinas for Reproductive Justice. “Young Women Speak Out - Perspectives and Implications of Reproductive Health, Rights & Justice Policies.” Volume II. California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, 2010.


This report is based on a research project that was conducted by the California Latinas for Reproductive Justice. The project engaged three focus groups of 27 young women, predominantly Latinas, between the ages of 16 and 24 from three diverse regions of California. From September to November 2009, these young women were asked to share their experiences, understanding and concerns of reproductive and sexual health. The focus of this project was to openly discuss comprehensive sexuality education, family communication and beliefs about sexuality, confidential reproductive health services and views on pregnancy. This project is framed to educate young Latina women about their constitutional right to receive confidential reproductive health services from linguistically and culturally providers without parent notification. Second, this report encourages that those who are pregnant or a parenting youth utilize their civil rights to receive equal educational opportunities to complete a high school or pursue a higher education. Third, this report recommends that parents or guardians be given the appropriate tools and resources from the state government so that they can serve as one of the primary educators of sexual education for their children. This report is informative and useful for community health advocates and providers who work with teenagers and their parents or guardians, and nonprofits that support young women through their pregnancy. The report is educational and highlights the importance of being politically aware of California laws, specifically constitutional rights to access confidential reproductive health information and services, laws that guarantee pregnant and parenting youth equal rights and opportunities in all public and private educational institutions that receive public funds and Education Code 51933 which law establishes guidelines and criteria to teach comprehensive sex education to minors. 


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