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Volz, Vanessa. “Matter of Choice: Women with Disabilities, Sterilization, and Reproductive Autonomy in the Twenty-First Century.” Women’s Rights Law Reporter 27 (2006): 203–16.


Volz argues that with the proper accommodations, support and unbiased attitudes from society, a life with a disability can be rewarding and worthwhile when women with disabilities are treated with equality and respected as autonomous human beings. She supports her central argument by referencing to Supreme Court rulings and opinions, academic research and public policy journal articles. This journal article is historically, legally and educationally informative. It will be helpful to health, legal and public policy advocates or readers interested in learning more about women’s reproductive rights with disabilities. This journal article is detailed and comprehensive in providing an understanding of the twenty-first century legal rulings and policy related statues that have impacted the lives of women with disabilities, their families and society. The author makes a strong argument in support of her case and provides references to Supreme Court rulings and judicial opinions, law journal articles and statutory laws from within the United States.


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