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Jesudason, Sujatha Anbuselvi , and Julia Epstein. “The Paradox of Disability in Abortion Debates: Bringing the Pro-Choice and Disability Rights Communities Together.” Contraception Journal, Contraception Editorial, 84, no. 6 (December 2011): 541–43.


Epstein starts her piece by explaining the paradox between pro-choice and anti-choice advocates. Whereas pro-choice supporters paint disability as a tragic circumstance that justifies abortion, anti-choice advocates use rhetoric around the value of all life and not labeling individuals born with disability as not worth being born. However, the pro-choice side then advocates for policies that support families with disabilities while anti-choice supporters who are more aligned with conservative ideology wish to cut this funding. Epstein argues that the pro-choice movement needs to be more inclusive of disability rights and suggests a variety of ways to do this, including abandoning the “disability as justification” approach to portraying abortion and instead focusing on families getting support to make the decision best for them.   This short piece is aimed at reproductive justice advocates and reproductive health providers and aims at creating a new framework to advocate for reproductive justice. The author outlines the problem quickly and clearly and then moves to steps the movement can take to be more inclusive, offering valuable insight in how to frame advocacy.        


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