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Mason, Carol. “How Not to Pimp Out Reproductive Justice: Adventures in Education, Activism, and Accountability.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies 34, no. 3 (2013): 226–41.


This article discusses the formation of the first Take Root Conference, a Reproductive Justice workshop that is held in the traditionally conservative South Central region of America. Mason discusses how this workshop is not only a form a resistance to the anti-women rhetoric and legislation of the South, but it also displays the importance that geographical location has when depicting diverse experiences. There was difficulty in organizing the workshop due to local activists and advocacy groups who solely fixate on abortion and viewed other issues, like sterilization as distractions, and national organizations who essentialized the South.  As demonstrated by Mason reproductive Justice is not solely a label, it is an “organizing principle” that allows for living within contradictions. Mason’s point of view is that in order for students, teachers, scholars, and activists to “stay true” or not “pimp out” Reproductive Justice, they must be held accountable. This article is a good resource for youth, students, scholars, and activists in the Reproductive Justice Movement.


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