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Asch, Adrienne. “Reproductive Technology and Disability.” In Reproductive Laws for the 1900s, 69–121. Clifton, New Jersey: Humana Press, 1989.


This article provides a considerable amount of information about disability communities, feminist communities, and concerns over reproductive choice and disability. The author argues feminist and disability rights advocates share fundamental beliefs about self-determination and the role of choice in reproductive justice and that they must cooperate and promote value for women and disabled persons. The article outlines some of the history of the disability rights movement and its development into a “minority” group recognizing the social implications of being disabled as well as the medical. It then goes on to discuss the numerous obstacles facing the disabled community, especially disabled women and their access to reproductive health care. Asch argues that while prenatal testing should be available to women and that their choices should be honored, the feminist community must acknowledge this practice is problematic in the way it devalues the lives of disabled people. Further, Asch provides steps towards a more fair and justice system through education both for pregnant women and society as a whole around disability.  Asch covers a large breadth of information in her piece, providing a fantastic way for a reader to situate themselves in disability and reproductive justice issues. Her piece is organized and broken up into many different subsections so it is easy to navigate and focus in on one of the many issues she covers, such as disability rights as a movement generally, prenatal testing and abortion, and disabled women’s access to reproductive services. This article would be an excellent resource for disability and feminist rights advocates, reproductive health providers, educators, or scholars looking for a discussion of problems and possible solutions. 


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