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Luna, Zakiya. “Marching Toward Reproductive Justice: Coalitional (Re)Framing of the March for Women’s Lives.” Sociological Inquiry 80 (2010): 554–78.


Using the 2004 March for Women's Lives as a case study, this article explores how coalition frames develop and where they go once the coalition dissolves. Based on in-depth interviews with reproductive justice movement members and analysis of Sistersong and National Organization for Women (NOW) documents, the author finds that the frame shifted around the march as NOW responded to Sistersong’s stipulations for participation: incorporating human rights and reproductive justice language into their materials. This shift broadened the frame of the march to address concerns from organizations of women of color, which were historically marginalized in mainstream, predominately white feminist mobilization around abortion rights.  The author explores the limits of the framing shift after the coalition ended following the march and notes various reactions to the adoption of RJ language and tactics by mainstream organizations. This article offers in-depth analysis of the forming of the NOW/ Sistersong coalition framing for the march and offers insights to benefit reproductive justice activists interested in forming coalitions with organizations that share similar interests. The author lays out common costs and benefits of coalition building and considers types of reframing for interested organizations.


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