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Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice. “A New Vision for Advancing Our Movement for Reproductive Health, Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Justice,” 2005.


In this influential report, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ) defined reproductive justice as it related to the rights of Asian Pacific Islander (API) women and girls. Explaining the organization’s vision and goals, this report has three different sections: 1) discussion of three frameworks of reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice as strategies for fighting reproductive oppression, 2) the historical context for the development of these frameworks, and 3) the creation of a women-of- color-led reproductive justice movement. The report analyzes problems, strategies, constituents, key players, challengers, and limitations of the three frameworks as part of an overview of the development of the reproductive justice movement. Moreover, ACRJ identifies what it sees as the weaknesses of the previous reproductive rights and health agenda that rarely integrated the racial oppression experienced by women of color. The report concludes by articulating ACRJ’s reproductive justice agenda and its overall vision for advocating a broader reproductive justice analysis that addresses race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, age, and immigration status. In its appendix, the report also provides information about how to get involved in this movement. This often-referenced report is an accessibly-written, informative guide for those who are seeking to understand a common definition of reproductive justice and its distinctions from other frameworks. It provides a solid background for anyone interested in the development and principles of the reproductive justice movement. 


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