George Horvath

  • Lecturer
    Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Tel: 510-666-3783
  • 341 North Addition, Berkeley, CA 94720

George Horvath is a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Lecturer at Berkeley Law. His scholarship focuses on the ways in which constitutional law and federalism concerns structure the regulation of the health care enterprise, and on what the regulation of the health care enterprise reveals about our understandings of U.S. federalism and the Constitution. His most recent work, “Emergent Regulatory Systems and Their Challenges: The Case of Combination Medical Products,” is forthcoming in the Washington Law Review. Other works include “Trading Safety for Innovation and Access,” 2017 BYU L. Rev. 991 (2018), which employs a novel empirical analysis of medical device failures to understand and critique the balance between ensuring safety and innovation that Congress and the FDA have sought to strike, and his student comment, “Recovery and Preemption: The Collision of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and the Medical Device Amendments,” which examines the unforeseen effects of federal preemption of products liability suits on the Medicare program, was published in the California Law Review.

Horvath earned his J.D. at Berkeley Law, where he served as Editor-in-Chief of the California Law Review. He served as a law clerk to the Honorable Judge John T. Noonan, Jr., on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. His teaching includes Health Law, Torts, Introduction to U.S. Legal Scholarship, and the Veterans’ Law Practicum.