Desiree Nguyen Orth

  • Lecturer
Desirée Nguyen Orth

Desiree joined the Consumer Justice Clinic at EBCLC in 2021. Prior to joining, Desiree ran the Consumer Advocacy Project at the Justice & Diversity Center of the Bar Association of San Francisco and a private practice centered on working with women business owners in the creative industry. Desiree is passionate about consumer protection and strongly believes that financial education and literacy are fundamental stepping stones to racial equity. As a first-generation AAPI woman and newish mother of two, Desiree has a special propensity for fighting for women of color.  

Desiree’s work as the director of CJC is largely focused on creating consumer protection policy that serves to dismantle and correct outdated laws that provide systemic barriers to access for low-income, monolingual, or underrepresented consumers.  


B.S., Biology (concentration in physiology), University of Washington (2008)
B.A., Sociology, University of Washington (2008)
J.D., California Western School of Law (2011)