Aaron Edlin

  • Richard W. Jennings Professor of Law
    Professor of Economics
    Co-Director, Law and Economics Program
  • aedlin@law.berkeley.edu
  • Tel: 510-642-4719 | Fax: 510-643-2673
  • 692 Simon Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720 MC:7200
  • Faculty Support Contact: Tyler Slay

Aaron Edlin became a professor at Boalt in 1998. From 1997 to 1998, Edlin worked at the White House as a senior economist for the President’s Council of Economic Advisors. He covered regulation, industrial organization and antitrust. Between 1993 and 1997, he served as an assistant professor in the U.C. Berkeley Department of Economics. He was appointed associate professor with tenure in 1997 and professor of economics in 1999. Edlin has held the law school’s Richard W. Jennings ’39 Chair since 2005. He has been a visiting professor or researcher at Columbia, Georgetown, Harvard, Stanford and Yale law schools, and has received a number of honors, fellowships and awards, including the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship and the Hoover National Fellowship.

Edlin is a prominent authority on antitrust, contract remedies, and law and economics. He has led numerous seminars and workshops at various universities and institutions, including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, University of Chicago and Yale. He has participated in and presented papers at many national and international conferences.

Edlin served on the American Law and Economics Association’s board of directors from 2000 to 2003 and again from 2013-2016. He is also a Director of the Antitrust Section of the American Association of Law Schools, 2013-2016. He is a founding editor of The Economists’ Voice and The B. E. Journal in Economic Analysis & Policy, and has been an associate editor of the Journal of Law, Economics and Organizations and the Journal of Industrial Economics.

Edlin joined the California State Bar in 1994. He graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University and received the Herrick Prize for Best Thesis in the Woodrow Wilson School.


A.B., Princeton University (1988)
J.D., Stanford University (1993)
Ph.D., Stanford University (1993)