Chapter 9, International Topics

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Human Rights
Intellectual Property
International Environmental Law
International Trade Law
Private International Law

All freely available websites are available below. Updated and new sources as well as new content follow the footnotes below, organized by section of the Coursebook.

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International Topics Generally
FN #1, LLRX, Comparative/Foreign Law (includes international topics)
FN #2, GlobaLex
FN #3, Electronic Information System for International Law (EISIL)
FN #4, Amy Burchfield, International Sports Law (Globalex)

Updated/New Sources & Content

References to page numbers in parentheses refer to pages in the Coursebook.

Section I.B. Researching International Topics Outline: Research Steps

Newer dictionaries of international trade include Raj Bhala, Dictionary of International Trade Law (2008), and Walter Goode, Dictionary of Trade Policy Terms (5th ed., 2007).  (See page 206.)

The electronic version of Foreign Law Guide is now the only version available.  (See page 287.)

The International Law in Domestic Courts database has been renamed the Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts.  (See page 207.)