Using Collection Materials

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Twelfth-century French manuscript
Yves de Chartres, Collectio tripartita, twelfth-century French manuscript.

Handling Policies for Robbins Collection Materials

  • Handling: Handle collection materials with care. Make sure hands are clean and dry. Never write on or erase collection materials. Avoid touching the surfaces of rare book and manuscript pages, as ink can chip or rub off.
  • Writing materials: Ink is not allowed in the reading room. Please use pencil only (available at the reference desk). When writing notes, be sure that paper is not placed on top of collection materials.
  • Book supports: All bound volumes should be placed on book supports while in use. Place unbound collection materials on clean, flat surfaces. Never stack opened books, or lean on or place materials face down.
  • Opening bound volumes: Never force open a book with a tight spine; instead, ask the reading room staff for a book support designed for books with tight spines. Book snakes may be used to lightly hold down the pages of bound volumes.
  • Place markers: Use only acid-free paper strips to mark your place. Never use staples, tape or other adhesives, Post-it® notes, metal or plastic paper clips, thick marking strips, or other destructive objects.
  • Reference book retrieval: You may retrieve reference materials from the shelves. All other materials will be retrieved by reading room staff.
  • Oversized materials: Do not bend, fold, or press flat oversized materials. Please ask reading room staff for assistance with proper supports for oversized materials.
  • Uncut (unopened) pages: If the quire folds of a volume have not yet been cut, please refer the volume to the reference librarian. Only Robbins Collection staff may open uncut pages.
  • Damaged materials: Please notify reading room staff if you notice any damage to the physical condition of collection materials.