Overview of the Collection

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Books from the collection
Books from the collection, including: Naukeurige en duidelyke verklaring over de statuten, ordonnantien, reglementen, en costumen van rechte in Frieslandt (Leewarden, Tobian van Dessel, 1741-1745);  The Indian Law Reports, Madras series, volume 1: 1876-1878 (Madras: Controller of Stationery and Print, 1878 [Imprint varies]).

Comparative Law

A much-used part of the Robbins Collection is its extensive comparative and foreign law collection that ranks among the best in the United States. With an emphasis on continental European legal systems—such as French, German, Spanish, Swiss, and Italian law—and, to a lesser extent, on non-European legal systems, the collection attracts scholars and graduate students engaged in comparative research from the United States and abroad. The Robbins Collection subscribes to more than 1,200 foreign and comparative journals, annuals and other serials, as well as numerous monographs, commentaries and official case reporters. While all areas of the law are represented, the collection is particularly comprehensive in private, commercial, and corporation law, which are areas of great interest to internationally-oriented legal scholars and practitioners.